Treat Your Kids with a Special Birthday Party with Nerf AstroWars

Treat Your Kids with a Special Birthday Party with Nerf AstroWars

Give your kids and their party guests a thrill of a lifetime by organising a Nerf battle – an exciting, outdoor, fun-filled, nearly real adventure that’ll leave them screaming, sweaty, and fulfilled. Read on to know more.

Kids Nerf battles in parties are an advanced form of archery where soft darts are shot from toy guns. Depending on your choice of high energy games and missions, there is a plethora of Nerf guns, army gear, ammo, and safety equipment. 

These games can be played in your garden, in parks, forests, or any space of your choice. It is really an intriguing, mind-blowing and brilliant idea to have your kids engage in imaginative fun that doesn’t compromise their safety in any way. All these years, kids Nerf parties have been successful.

At what age can a child participate in Nerf battles?

From the age of 6 and above, kids can have great fun ducking, shooting, running, and evading an imaginary resistance in a Nerf battle arena. Nerf Wars are trendy and a great alternative to having bouncy castles, magicians, clowns, discos, and all other regular children party stuff.

Your kid might have used a Nerf gun before, and it must have been fun for them to shoot at their friends, parents, neighbours, and siblings. 

How safe are Nerf Astrowars?

The Nerf war arena is really safe, with plenty of inflatable obstacles for kids to go all out having fun. Kids can team up to conquer their opponents (other kids) in this crazily fun-packed party game. Players under the illusion of a real battle can dart and dive between perfectly safe obstacles.

Every child participating in this game is handed an easy-to-reload Nerf gun and foam darts, safety goggles for face and ear protection, face paints, battle music and team bandanas. 

Bunkers and barricades are inflated to make the Nerf warriors feel the seriousness of the game.

Children can pair up in teams and try to beat others in a myriad of game scenarios. Of course, they will be fully covered with protective apparatus and bring to live TV series like 007 missions and other creative missions.

Range of games for Nerf Astrowars

Like we said before, games can take many innovative forms. It ranges from strategic to free play. Some adaptive missions’ children can participate in are:

  • King of the hill: Here, one player from each team is out on the field. Any child that gets hit is replaced by the next team member. The team with the most players standing wins the game.
  • Capture the flag: In this game, each team has their own flag. The mission is to get the flag of your opponents while evading darts and return to “base” safely.
  • Elimination: This one is staged on the field with members of both teams on the ground. Should you get hit, you come off the range. The losing team is the first team without any members standing on the field. 
  • Sniper shootout: Here, a target is positioned. Each player gets a maximum of 6 trials to shoot and hit the target. The team with the highest hits wins the game. 
  • Gun run: Friends of the birthday child form two parallel rows at a good distance away from the celebrant. As he or she runs through the range, they will fire at them.
  • Free play: This is another style of Nerf wars for kids without rules or specific game components. But it is fully controlled.

Why should your kids participate in the Nerf Astrowars?

As children grow older, they may get tired of having the same routine birthday party. So as parents, you can spice it up with innovative ideas like a Nerf War party

This game has quite a number of perks, including:

  • Kids develop team spirit while having their fun time
  • It enhances gross motor skills
  • Builds an active lifestyle
  • It is a good way to relieve stress and release pent-up energy
  • Best for kids that seem to be loners as it opens them up for a more social life
  • Increases the bond between siblings as they play together as team members or as friendly opponents
  • Completely safe and supervised

Range of Nerf Astrowar “armoury” for kids

There is a wide range of Nerf Guns available that can create the perfect scene of a war zone for that great children party thrill. 

Kids can use any of these but not limited to:

  • Stormtrooper
  • Rogue one
  • Sniper
  • Clone trooper
  • Super soaker
  • Blaster
  • Deluxe blaster
  • Stryfe
  • Bowcaster
  • Glowstrike

All these are not in any way dangerous, and most importantly, the game is supervised, and kids are well protected.

How to plan a Nerf themed birthday party

Are you looking forward to giving that kid of yours a special surprise on their birthday? Then, a Nerf battle can be a pleasant surprise.

Planning this kind of birthday is quite straightforward. The entire concept can be different depending on how you want it. However, the basic thing is getting all the equipment for a Nerf battle, organising a series of games to be played, and of course, the birthday cake, foods, and drinks should be available.

You can choose any place for the party but let it be outdoors for more fun. Take a cue from our range of strategies to free play Nerf battles or simply adopt one. A mission can even be created around your kid’s favourite cartoon show or bedtime story. The best part is that even if you do not have the available space or time to prepare such an amazing party properly, you can still provide your kids with something unique and memorable. Just book a Nerf Wars birthday party at your nearest Astro All-weather venue location, and you’re done. All you need to do is show up and watch all those little eyes lit up with excitement.

In summary

Nerf Wars Birthday Parties are something out of the ordinary. The energy with which kids enjoy this game is overwhelming. 

So, when next you need a game-changer for your kid’s birthday, and even if it’s not your child’s birthday, you can organize a Nerf war as part of their holiday fun.

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