How to Use Rugs When Decorating a Child’s Bedroom (Infographic)

Creating a space for their child is one of the best experiences a parent could have. This  is a time where you and your child can go over ideas on how you can give them their sanctuary. Having their own space will definitely give them a boost of confidence and a sense of responsibility. When […]

The Real Dangers to Kids Online and How to Avoid Them

Did you know…? 1 out of 5 kids has been sexually solicited online 1 out of 4 kids has been sent a picture of naked people or people having sex online that May 21, 2002, there was the first death of a child linked directly to an Internet Predator?  Parents’ biggest concern about the Internet used […]

Child Safety Online

1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The global Internet offers exciting new opportunities for children and families to research their homework online, communicate with international penpals, and build personal websites to share their creativity with others. But with these opportunities come challenges: how can children remain safe within this ever-expanding global village? Risks range from sites filled with […]